Men dominate anti-abortion groups

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

While reading over various news reports on the March for Women's Lives that occurred on Sunday in D.C., I noticed the march counter-protesters mentioned in the Washington Post were predominantly male. This highlighted again the curious fact that women dominate the leadership in the women's reproductive rights movement, but their opposition is often led by men. The founders of anti-abortion organizations such as Operation Rescue and Alaska Right to Life are male. The founder of the first anti-abortion, crisis pregnancy center in 1967 was male. Anti-abortion leaders of groups from the KKK all the way to the Vatican are male.

Studies show that despite a woman's full-time employment, generally her male partner will carelessly leave the great majority of the child care and home duties for her to do by herself (the second shift). It is common knowledge that while many families have plenty of "big boy toys" in their yard, the "big girl toys" are carelessly left alone to raise themselves because, in middle class families, two incomes are required for that level of consumption. And our anti-abortion male legislators who slash funding for Denali Kid Care, day care assistance, welfare for abandoned moms, school funding, and kids' social programs are obviously careless about kids as well. Many anti-abortion men tell us they care about children, but it is doubtful many can prove it with any significant record of sacrifice of time and money. So, if these guys don't genuinely care much for their kids or anyone else's, why are they so driven to outlaw abortion? One Pennsylvania participant in the March for Women's Lives had some insight: "If you control women's bodies, you control their lives."

Barbara McDaniel

Big Lake

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