Simpson dedicated to keeping Juneau capital

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

Anyone who would make an issue about Paulette Simpson and her dedication to keeping the capital of our state in Juneau doesn't know Paulette Simpson. I have lived in Anchorage for 19 years, but lived in Sitka for 24. I lived in Sitka when I first met Paulette. Two gentlemen from Anchorage were running for the office of governor and one supported moving the capitol to Willow or someplace other than Juneau, and the other supported its present site. I was active in the campaign to keep the capital in Southeast and Paulette was a leader in that movement in Juneau. No one was more adamant, dedicated and hard-working in that effort than Paulette.

If Paulette has changed since then, she has become more ardent in her resolve. She is also a dedicated and hard-working Republican who has helped the party in many ways. We need more citizens like her and less of those who jump to criticize. My dad always told me that you can't build yourself up by tearing another down. It was true then; it is true now.

Roberley R. Waldron


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