Weyhrauch integrity wrongfully impugned

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, April 30, 2007

The Juneau Empire is a disgrace. How dare the Empire allow one of Juneau's best and brightest public figures to have his integrity called into question in a leading story (April 23) about his disappearance and possible death?

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The reference to "scrutiny" about Weyhrauch's political dealings while a state representative was so out of place and uncalled for, it was shocking. The Empire should publicly apologize, as there has never been any proof of any wrongdoing. Quite the contrary, Bruce Weyhrauch is a great Alaskan, a man who has dedicated a significant portion of his time and energy to public service in Alaska. His record, despite baseless attacks from the wacko left-wing political freak show in Juneau (the Empire included), stands as a true example of what it means to lead and serve with honor, humility, dedication and integrity.

The Empire has fallen to new lows of conduct and should be publicly castigated by all who know and love Bruce and all who consider themselves true Alaskans.

Tom Nickerson


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