Officials announce creel survey schedule

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010

JUNEAU - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced this year's creel survey schedule.

Marine boat anglers returning to ports where and when on-site ADF&G creel surveys are conducted will be prohibited from filleting, mutilating and de-heading sport caught lingcod, non-pelagic rockfish and king and coho salmon. The only exception to this rule is if fish have been consumed or preserved on board the boat prior to returning to the harbor.

For Juneau, creel surveys will be conducted beginning at noon on Monday, April 26 through midnight on Sunday, Sept. 12.

The purpose of this restriction is to maximize information attained through ADF&G angler interview and dockside sampling programs. Southeast Alaska management plans adopted by the Alaska Board of Fisheries require length and sex information for lingcod, weight information for non-pelagic rockfish, and identification of tagged king and coho salmon, which can only be obtained when fish are intact.

For more information, contact the nearest ADF&G office.

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