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Posted: Monday, May 01, 2000

It was a really great weekend for teen-agers in Juneau. I want to congratulate the housing people, the coaches, hospitable people from the community, the administration of the high school and the teachers for all coming together to create a wonderful community event. It was not only a music festival but there were softball and soccer teams here as well. It was really kicking.

Friday's lead story and picture in the Empire was about our local JDHS soccer team. Just glancing through some recent papers, I found 17 pictures and many more stories on local sports and the Gold Medal tournament. Let's give the Empire's sport section the credit it deserves. They do a fantastic job.

Why is the gate to the Mendenhall River School locked during Little League games? If there is an accident, an ambulance won't be able to get within 100 yards of the injured player. We need to get that gate unlocked during games.

Turning the Mendenhall Mall into a high school is totally ridiculous. What would we do with Super Bear?

Regarding the comment on tipping, a gratuity is a free gift given in return for service. Tips given are usually commensurate with the quality of service provided. Be attentive, pleasant, thoughtful and prompt and you will be fine. If you're rude, forgetful and slow - you'll probably starve. That's life.

Servers need to remember that tips are not required from customers. Customers give servers tips when they provide excellent service. If the tips are not high, maybe servers should look how they are serving their customers.

I don't think restaurant servers should be tipped real big. I'm a carpenter and I do a good job. I provide a good service but I don't get big tips. Pick a different profession.

Legislators, wake up. The commissioners don't need a $9,000 raise, the little guys at the bottom of the scale are the ones who need it. I'm not a state worker, but the little guys pay the same price for a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread. Get real and be fair.

I would like to thank the Snowbirds for putting on an awesome display of airmanship on such a yucky day in Juneau. Thank you Snowbirds.

Thanks to the lady who stopped when I had a flat tire last week on the corner of Riverside and Stephen Richards. Thanks for the ride out to the airport area so I could get tires for my car. Thank you Juneau.

I would like to thank our neighbor on Gastineau Avenue who cleaned up that area, which is really brushy and steep. Please, people, don't litter.

The Channel 23 camera should be placed looking down South Franklin. Then we would get a real show. Let's see what's going on down there.

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