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Posted: Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Titles and firm: Shelly K. Hohenthaner is partners with Andrew Hohenthaner and Norma J. Patrick in a new business, Party Animals Carnival Snacks. Shelly, 38, and Andrew, 40, are husband and wife. Norma, 63, is Shelly's mother.

Service provided: The partners will introduce fresh kettle corn to Juneau. "It's popped in an 80-quart kettle, 40 quarts at a time," Andrew Hohenthaner said. "It's a unique corn called Caramel 'N Sweet, grown in Indiana. We'll sell it at a portable food cart near the bronze bear at the courthouse, Fourth and Main. It's rather a healthy snack, with 290 calories in five cups." Canola oil is used for the popping, Hohenthaner said. The snack will sell in two sizes retailing at $2 and $4 respectively.

Three flavors will be available daily: Regular, cinnamon and the daily special. The special will often be strawberry, or a sweet-and-zesty popcorn flavored with chili powder imported from Mexico.

The cart will debut May 5 at the Western Auto Sportsman Show as a fund-raiser for the youth group of Restoration Grace Outreach Center.

Background: Shelly Hohenthaner is a former office manager. Andrew Hohenthaner has been an appliance salesman at Western Auto for 11 years. Norma owned her own shop, Norma's Candy and Cake Cache, which closed in 1983. She taught classes in cake decorating, prepared hors d'oeuvres and sandwiches and is known for her wedding cakes. She is coming out of retirement to run the popcorn cart with Shelly. Andrew, whose hobby is cooking, will do the popping.

Quotable: "If people take a taste of this, we have to kind of wrestle the rest of the bag out of their arms," Shelly Hohenthaner said.

"I was trying out strawberry, trying to get a bag of a new flavor to my office and went to lunch with someone, and he ate the whole thing," Andrew said. "We are going to form a group called Popcorn Eaters Anonymous."

Employees: The Hohenthaners' 14-year-old twins, a boy named Jesse and a girl named Kaleigh, will staff the cart from time to time.

Contact Information: The main business number is 789-1076. An alternative is 780-6944. Look for the cart at the courthouse after May 5. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays later on nice days.

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