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Posted: Tuesday, May 01, 2001

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They say things happen for a reason. For me losing my wallet was a chance to find out what a wonderful community I live in. I want to thank all of the people who cared so much to get a hold of me and the police department. Thank you very much to a wonderful, wonderful town and community.

Marilyn Estenson

I strongly recommend the Juneau School Board appoint Tom Milliron principal of Floyd Dryden. He is an excellent person. I've had many contacts with him and he's always done a very good job. Very personable, the kids like him and the kids respect him. Also I would encourage the Senate to pass both bills regarding the tougher laws on DWI's.

Darcy Stetson

I agree with Elaine Furbish, one of the researchers who found the lichens in Skagway contaminated with sulfur and heavy metals, that residents of Skagway might want to look into the source of pollution. Dust from loading ore from the Faro Mine in Canada and air emissions from cruise ships are two sources that come to mind. The results of this study are yet another reminder that Alaska is not as pristine as we would like to believe.

Sue Schrader

Concerning Miss Craig's My Turn Column, I have a solution. The money and technology is out there to make louder aircraft that will get the birds attention. Time's wasting.

Dion Seflar

Hooray to Jim at Juneau Rubber Stamp Company. He helped out Juneau Soccer Club in a pinch. Many thanks.

Karen Shoemaker

The fact that some sophomores are not passing the proposed high school exit exam seems irrelevant. They have two more years of study to learn the knowledge expected of a high school graduate.

Sally Willson

I would just like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the Alaska Folk Festival a great success this year. As always it's my favorite part of living in Juneau.

Katrina Rice

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