Look to ENRON and Calif. energy scandal

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alaska is a state widely known for its scenic grandeur and abundant wealth of natural resources. Of these natural resources, Alaska is known for its oil and in particular, its oil potential.

Unfortunately, with such oil resources and revenue potential also comes big business. Because of this relationship, our daily lives are subject to the influential and controlling powers that such big businesses have on virtually all aspects of our daily lives. This ranges from our lifestyles, our local and regional economy, our pocket books as we try to mitigate the hardships from the daily escalating gas prices at the pump that are now piercing historical levels, and finally to the corruption of some of our elected officials here in the state as they willfully chose to abandon their elected, sworn responsibilities for ones instead entwined with, yes, oil money.

The current energy crisis and situation inscribing Juneau is yet another example of this control and dependence and is a crisis that clearly needs to be investigated fully, and not simply by the elephant that passes out the peanuts.

When a utility company can radically raise utility rates to the shocking and debilitating figures released by Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. - and a vast majority of the state's elected officials clearly seem more interested in capital move legislation than working together regardless of political, geographic or economic ties in order to address a true emergency and disaster that will have long-lasting and profound implications across the board to the community of Juneau - then we as a state have major problems from top to bottom with (a vast majority of) our elected officials and those that govern our energy policy.

I strongly encourage everyone to become well versed and read up on the California Energy Scandal and ENRON because Alaska is well on its way to re-writing its own chapters at our expense (the consumers).

Rich Culver


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