Writing angry letter by candlelight

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2008

So here I am writing angry letters to the editor by candlelight, something that I thought wouldn't happen until much later in life. Waiting two months to fix those towers is going to cost how much? We are talking $50 million.

From what I understand, we are not fixing the towers because it is too dangerous to work in the area.

Now, maybe no one has thought of this, but can't we ask the state to borrow its Department of Transportation personnel and the bang-bang gun, rent a barge and bomb the heck out of the offending slope that is causing all the hubbub in town?

If that won't work, if we throw $3 million at this problem right now, why couldn't we make that slope safe for the rest of the year and maybe years to come? I think it could even save the city more than the $3 million spent - if it cost that much - which could be returned to the city fund it came from. Even a month of savings would have to save the city directly $3 million, right?

Let's hear from the expert, from somewhere like DOT, to talk about the cannon and whether it can be rigged to fire off a barge.

Bill Glude (Juneau's snow expert) could advise on what to throw at that hillside. Napalm, anybody? Fifty million dollars is a lot of money, so any ideas should be considered.

Heck, call a city holiday and commandeer the local fleet to transport every man, woman and child over the age of 14 out there with some shovels and some pepperoni specials from a local shop, there on sale.

Seriously, am I supposed sit here and believe it when "they" say that waiting two months until the snow melts is the best that "they" can do? And let's not forget my sometimes uninformed public officials. Sorry, I forgot about the guy with "fiscal ties" who knew an awful lot. They can only say, "loan AEL&P some money and ourselves $250,000, it will be better for the people footing the bill in about year."

This whole thing stinks.

Chuck Drummond


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