Tap the PFD when hard times hit

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor, "Use PFD to help the struggle," by Ron Pagenkopf. I agree with this resident. Alaskans should use the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend to help with the struggles.

It is true that our state and our nation are going through some economic harsh times. So we should give every resident this year an advance of $7,000 dollars from the PFD to help us with this crisis?

People are now on the brink of insanity. Young people are fleeing the state to go to college and live less expensive lives in the Lower 48.

Why can't we try to pursue happiness here in this Last Frontier with a less expensive way of life?

Now we are suffering so much that we can't even enjoy life to its fullest without financial problems. The PFD now has more than $75 billion in the savings account. That is enough money to make every resident of Alaska rich.

We are saving money for some future that might never be here because of the global warming and other disasters predicted for the future years. Let us solve the problems of the present and try to enjoy what we have in this fortunate state of Alaska.

People are facing foreclosures in the thousands, and now in Juneau everything is going to be affected because of the electricity hikes. So, I encourage everyone to write letters to our senators and try to convince them that we need a bigger PFD this year.

Alfredo Velazquez


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