What happened to can-do spirit?

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2008

What has become of common sense and the Alaska "can-do" spirit?

Would someone please pick up the phone, call the U.S. Navy and request a light cruiser? A few light artillery rounds and some 50-caliber bursts would bring the remaining avalanche danger to ground.

A few sky cranes could lay a cable with some S curves in it on top of the snow. Splice the cable ends and hit the on button. What is so complicated?

The same cable can be picked later and dumped in the drink. There are 30,000 human beings living here. Instead we have $1 million-a-month consultants scratching their chins and pontificating solutions along with anyone else who can fit his or her face in the trough.

In the end, we will all be happy they rescued us from financial disaster as they amortize the fuel, labor, consulting and financing costs with higher rates for decades to come.

The great American solution: Charge it.

Robert Tonkin


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