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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2000

Fiddlehead Restaurant chef Kirk McLean has been asked to participate in a book about Alaska cooking.

McLean, who came to Juneau a year ago from the Sonoma, Calif., area, has been selected as one of the dozen or so best chefs in Alaska by the book's authors, former Anchorage Daily News staffer Kim Severson, now the food writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Glenn Denkler, past president of the Anchorage chefs association and chef instructor at the King Career Center, the vocational high school in Anchorage.

Denkler said he and Severson had a November deadline for their text, for publication next summer by Sasquatch Books of Seattle. The book will include recipes and profiles of the selected chefs.

McLean, a 24-year veteran of fine kitchens, said he is a big fan of the San Francisco Chronicle food section but has ``no idea'' how he came to be chosen for inclusion in the book. He recently received a letter asking him to participate. Denkler said Severson, who could not be reached for comment, apparently had tasted McLean's work at the Fiddlehead.

McLean said he hasn't decided yet what recipes to submit for publication.

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