Servers pay tax regardless of tip

Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2000

I wanted to respond to the Word of Mouth comments on tipping, especially the carpenter who does a good job and was upset he doesn't get tips. As a waitress I have to pay an 8 percent tax on everything I sell to every customer, whether they actually tip me or not.

Eight percent of my earnings are taken out of my check and sent to the IRS. Apparently the IRS thinks you are tipping at least 8 percent to every waiter or waitress for every drink or every meal that is served to you. So, if you don't think you should tip, then perhaps you should claim all the money you're saving to the IRS on your income tax return.

Also, restaurant and bar owners factor in tip money when they set the wage scales. Of course there is a way to get around all the tipping vs. not tipping - we could add 8 percent to everyone's bill right up front. You decide, and by the way, if you don't appreciate being ``waited'' upon, McDonalds would be happy to appease you with their self-service. If you're thirsty - you won't be expected to tip the clerk at the liquor store either.

Michele Stuart Juneau

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