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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2000

These peace and quiet people are onto the right thing. The voluntary compliance for helicopter operators is probably going to work as well as voluntary compliance for fishing or logging or anything else. I'll be signing off on that peace-and-quiet coalition.

Right on peace and quiet coalition, where do I sign? Since our city government won't do it for us, it's time for the citizens of Juneau to take our town back. The thing that really jumps out is - if this was a timber or mining operation making all this noise for five months out of the year - those operations would be put out of business quicker than quick.

I am excited about the helicopter noise initiative and I look forward to signing it in the fall. Thank you so much for the people who are spearheading this project. (Three other callers expressed similar views)

We need money for education and we're wasting money on a noise study because of five whiners that want things to go back to pre-tourism days. What is wrong with this picture? Let's put money where it is important and help the students of Juneau.

It's almost the end of the year, when are they going to fix the school lights at Floyd Dryden? The lights are on all day but not after school. Please check these lights.

I'm amazed how many children are riding bicycles without helmets. People can get free helmets through several different programs in town so affordability is not the issue here. Parents, wake up.

As long as Juneau insists on electing a majority of Democrats to the Legislature, they should expect to receive less money in the budget.

The Legislature deserves a thanks for standing up to the governor on the union contracts.

I'm a carpenter and I do a good job and provide a good service. But I realize that restaurant servers depend on their 15 percent gratuity that is generally included by any adult that dines out. Not all carpenters are cheapskates.

This is in response to the caller upset about the Fred Meyer employees smoking area. I'm a regular customer and I appreciate that the employees have a central smoking area at one end of the store. My suggestion to the people who don't want to walk through the smokescreen, use one of the other three doors into the store. Leave the employees alone - I'm sure their breaks are timed.

It has become so stressful to live out on North Douglas Highway. I grew up here but people are driving so fast, it's like living on Egan. People should remember this is a residential and a recreation highway. There are children riding bikes and waiting for the bus. People live out here. Please respect the speed limit.

Thank you to the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau. This is a wonderful volunteer activity for anyone who has any time.

People in the state should go on vacation now. They can not solve anything anyway. So many things are getting dropped just because they can never decide an issue. Like this fast ferry that just passed the test in the Sitka Narrows. Come on, true Alaskans know this boat will never hold up on a daily basis. There's going to be stronger tides and heavier storm and waves. This is some strong country to live in; those fast ferries are not made for the waters up here. Who are we fooling?

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