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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 02, 2003

April 24 was Stands for Children Day at the Capitol. The rally was to raise awareness of the high cost of alcohol abuse in the lives of young children. There were children from the ages of 3 and up. The children sang songs and danced, as some children passed out flyers and apple cider to legislators and representatives throughout the Capitol. There was very little recognition, and a lot of traffic, as these children were trying to send out a message to the people. We feel that the roads should have been blocked, and our representatives and legislators should have been out there supporting the children of our future. It shows that this year's leadership has very little support for the children and the people of our state. Hopefully next year on April 22, Stands for Children Day will be recognized by the governor and legislators and this will become a statewide event.

Kerri Sheakley

Raymond Paddock III


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