P.R. nightmare

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 02, 2003

My commercial fishing family is especially concerned about impacts to the marketability of wild salmon once the word gets out that the "pristine" salmon habitat of our state has been compromised by aerial application of pesticides.

Whether or not pesticides are indeed safe for human consumption, domestic and international wild salmon marketing largely depends on the perception of organic, sustainable, and wild. The very suggestion that pesticides have contaminated salmon streams and potentially salmon flesh, could likely result in abandonment by the seafood consumers we have spent years trying to win over. The risk is not worth it!

Gov. Murkowski, who claims to be a friend of the commercial fisherman, many of whom are hanging by their nails, should direct his DEC commissioner to explore alternative methods for vegetative management. Broadcast pesticide programs in this state are a public relations nightmare.

Rebecca J. Knight

FV Starship


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