Don't penalize married people in bonus program

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 02, 2003

This is in response to income guidelines for the Longevity Bonus.

The guidelines, as I read them, would perpetuate the so called marriage tax. If a single person's income limit is $16,000, then two people, whether they are married or not, are double that, or about $32,000. Same with the savings limit. If one person can have a savings account of up to $4,000, then two people can have $8,000.

I believe the federal government is trying to correct this type of bad math on its part, so let's do it right on the state level. Let's not penalize married people. In fact, in my opinion, we should go the other way, and reward the married people. It's the married people that provide the backbone of a strong nation, that is more, people.

And on the Longevity Bonus program itself, I think we should probably stick with it. My hat is off to Gov. Murkowski for the decision he made. It was tough decision, but obviously, the lobby to keep it in place is strong and since it has a sunset provision on it, perhaps we should see it through.

Howard Weed


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