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Posted: Friday, May 02, 2003

...for contributing

On behalf of Harborview Elementary School and the Juneau Education Association I'd like to thank everyone in the community who helped to make the March 11, 2003, Dr. Seuss Birthday/Read Across America Celebration so much fun for children and adults alike.

Thanks to the members of the Dr. Seuss Birthday party planning committee, Debbie Tillinghast, Linda Frame, Cherry Eckland, Tom Gill, Michele Schindler, and Dirk Miller.

Thank you to those who assisted with Harborview's Dr. Seuss Birthday assembly, Melissa Pavlik, Becky Kemp, Leah Ogoy, Rally students, Shgen George, Flora Sigler, Nancy Baumann, and the 2/3 Tlingit Immersion students, Amber Richards, Peter Froehlich, Bev Mueller, Christine Hess, Nora Laughlin, Kathi Yanamura, Cherry Eckland, Linda Frame, and Steve Byers.

For their help with the evening celebration, thanks to guest readers first lady Nancy Murkowski, former Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, Rep. Les Gara, Sen. Kim Elton, Rep. Beth Kerttula, Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, Assembly member Marc Wheeler, School Board members Mary Becker and Paul Gulyas, police Officer Paul Comolli, firefighters Jeff Newkirk, Lance Lawahorne, Coast Guardsman Clinton Moores, Amy Neussl, Evan Scandling, Zach Kohan, Tania Moser, Annie Janes, and Roblin Davis.

For logistical coordination and support, thank you, Kathi Yanamura, Fred Hiltner, Kitty Eddy, Barb Kreher, Aubrey and Rob Merritt, Leslie Bennett, Julie Yancey, Doug Eckland, Jon Tillinghast, Vivian Montoya, Sue Baxter, Marna McGonegal, Darlene Jacobsen, Anna Naughton, Manuel Macias, Carlos Flores, and Javier Sernaz.

Special thanks to Marti Corcoran and Dianne Anderson for their artistic contributions to the celebration.

We're also very appreciative of the funding for the event that was contributed by the Juneau Education Association, the Harborview PTA, and the Juneau School District.

The celebration was definitely a team effort, enjoyed by everyone who came!

Happy reading to all!

Luann McVey

Harborview School Literacy Leader

...for caring

On April 11, I went over to the Moose Lodge to contribute for the boxes that Lynn Bartlett and the team from the Department of Labor are coordinating to get boxes to our troops oversees.

I had no idea that the lodge had set up a table for the 13 families with loved ones serving in the war, so that they could visit, share experiences of their loved ones, gain support and develop camaraderie. When I tried to pay for the wonderful mean of prime rib, baked potato, and salad, I was told it was a gift from the Moose Lodge and those others who supported their efforts to show appreciation for our family members who are in the armed forces.

What a wonderful thing to do, how it lifted our spirits, and provided a very positive event that we could relate to our service men and women in the military to bolster them and lift their morale.

Thank you, to all who were involved. It was a delightful evening.

Sue E. Miller

...for helping

The Glory Hole board of directors would like to extend a great big thank you to all those who helped make the spring fund-raiser a success. Many volunteers, sponsors, and advertisers helped ensure the fund-raiser was a success.

A special thank you goes to the Samoan dancers, Filipino dancers, John Logger and Dennis Hoffman, who provided the wonderful entertainment for the evening.

The board would also like to thank Sen. Kim Elton, Rep. Beth Kerttula, Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, Dillon & Findley law firm, and the Driftwood Lodge for sponsoring the event.

KINY, KTOO, KJNO, and the Juneau Empire were instrumental in getting the word out about the fund-raiser. Felipe cooked for five days preparing for the event and the outcome was amazing; the cuisine was delicious. Thank you to all guests of the Glory Hole for the help in preparing and serving the food. Finally, thank you to the community of Juneau for supporting the Glory Hole.

Thanks to the cooperation of Juneau's three Rotary clubs, Big K's footwear wholesaler Footstar Meldisco, Catholic Community Service and numerous other individuals, businesses and organizations, Footwear For Families was able to distribute more than 800 pairs ($20,000 worth) of new boots and shoes throughout Juneau and many communities in Southeast Alaska.

Footwear For Families would like to acknowledge: Juneau's three Rotary clubs for their financial contribution to this worthwhile project - Glacier Valley Rotary Club, Juneau Rotary Club and Gastineau Rotary Club - and thank Max Mertz of Glacier Valley Rotary Club for his ongoing support.

Juneau's Big K footwear wholesaler, Footstar Meldisco, for giving us a rock-bottom price on its clearance inventory and the help of the Big K staff who ran pair after pair through the register.

Catholic Community Service for inventorying, packaging, distributing and documenting all boot shipments, a daunting task!

The Glacier Valley Rotary Club for meeting en masse for boot distribution at the Wings of Alaska hangar, doing in one hour what it took a couple of individuals to do in a month: dividing up for distribution more than 800 pairs of footwear among six Southeast communities and three local charities.

Wings of Alaska for providing storage for boots from March through November, and for providing transportation of the footwear to Haines, Kake, Hoonah, and Angoon.

LAB Airlines for providing footwear transportation to Kake.

Also, thanks to Healthy Families, Family Resource Center, Family Support Services and the Bridge Adult Day Program (Catholic Community Service programs), the Glory Hole, Angoon ANS, Haines Senior Center, Hoonah Indian Association, Organized Village of Kake, Nancy Hegre of Wrangell, and Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for distributing this footwear throughout their communities.

Due to the generosity of the above individuals, organizations and businesses, many lives were touched. Thank you, Juneau, and thank you, Southeast Alaska!

The Footwear for Families Team

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