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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In response to a recent letter writer's suggestion that "Bush bashers" come up with some positive suggestions for a change, here are a few which I would suggest to the Bush and any other administration:

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Tell the truth; prove your case with evidence, not preconceptions; regain control over the military industrial complex and help America get off its addiction to the colossal military spending that supports much of our economy, but ultimately wastes our wealth on the destruction of our loved ones and those of other countries; don't spend taxpayer money if you don't believe in collecting taxes and, if you do spend it, spend it on improving the lives of those who pay taxes and the society they live in; get private money out of political campaigns so that the public pays for their campaigns and then politicians will work for the public rather than for private contributors; protect the environment; protect our constitution and its safeguards for justice and freedom; obey our laws and international laws; do not torture; don't be a hypocrite; don't invade other countries or subvert their governments unless we've been attacked by them; be aware of your own fallibility, listen to others, be inclusive in decision making; weigh decisions carefully - worry about the consequences they will have on millions of people; and establish national health care.

In brief, do things that are not on President Bush's agenda. I must be ignorant, but I'm trying to think of some positive things President Bush has done. Perhaps, a Bush believer would kindly send in a letter listing what they are.

Lisle Hebert


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