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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mike Koy's letter in the April 13 Empire gets some things turned around. He, like Priscilla Feral, seems to want to pretend geographic borders don't mean anything because they are arbitrary. Maybe he thinks permanent fund dividends should be paid to everyone within his "North American border."

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In point of fact, borders are the basis of our legal and political systems and are integral to human societies of all kinds. Ignoring them is pointless. He goes on to short-circuit logic by claiming someone, presumably me, thinks killing wolves provides their maximum value as per the state constitution. I said no such thing. Also, I'm not in cahoots with sinister interests bent on exterminating wolves and bears as Art Greenwalt's April 12 letter implies.

My letter of April 2 didn't say Ms. Feral can't have an opinion on Alaska issues, just that it doesn't matter. The letter's purpose was primarily to show disdain for the gross condescension exhibited in her March 23 letter and to speak up for the pesky Alaskans infesting her fantasy wilderness. The terms "aerial wolf hunting," "intensive management," etc., were deliberately not mentioned in it because they are subsidiary to the central question: What is the best balance of consumptive and nonconsumptive uses of Alaska's wildlife and how to achieve it?

What I advocate is that management of natural resources be left in the hands of professionals, be based on practical rather than sentimental considerations, and that it make sense at the local level. No single interest or group should dominate the argument.

Rick Kaufman


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