No longer able to afford to buy home

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Imagine our surprise to learn that, according to the assessor's office, my husband and I could no longer afford to buy the home we have owned for the past five years.

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We've been priced out of our rural living situation by what must be an influx of independently wealthy, spare-no-expense, high-end hippies! These folks must be lying in wait, ready to snatch up every available, modest, out-the-road, family home on the market at egregious prices. This is the only reasonable explanation we could come up with since our home's assessment jumped 57 percent in value in one year!

I suppose there is a chance that the city has big plans for us out-the-road folks, such as city water and sewer availability, a fire station that would improve response time and lower our insurance rates, city snow removal, maybe pavement, curb and gutter, or is it possible that they are just being greedy?

Can someone please tell me who these people are who can afford a family home in Juneau today? They must be financial wizards.

Lori Cole

Auke Bay

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