Some legislators need a civics lesson

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We live in a democratic republic. That means we regularly elect representatives to do the day-to-day business of passing laws and legislation on our behalf. We trust they will do our bidding. We also recognize that in rare instances, our representatives may decide to follow a course of action opposed to our will due to issues of conscience or constitutionality.

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On the other hand, some issues arise that are so important to us, that we reserve the right not to delegate the decision-making to our representatives, but to do it ourselves. These decisions are brought up through the democratic initiative process and voted on by everyone - not just our elected representatives. These decisions hold great weight because they are decided by all.

If all this sounds like junior high civics, well, it is. This is pretty basic stuff. That's one of the reasons that it angers me to hear news reports that several legislators are trying to subvert the clear will of the people on the cruise ship head tax initiative. It is even more disconcerting to learn that those involved have links to or have received significant campaign contributions from the cruise ship industry.

I applaud Gov. Sarah Palin's support of the cruise ship initiative and urge all of our elected representatives to follow the will of the people and support it in its entirety. And for those bent on trying to "amend" it, remember where your delegated power comes from.

James Axel Wilson


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