Health care reform deserves a chance

Posted: Sunday, May 02, 2010

For years, I have always wondered what happens when I am out of college or working a job that doesn't even offer the option to purchase health care. It would be incredibly easy to end up in the hospital with an invoice saying they need to take my home for payment. This is a completely unacceptable reality that many people have faced in the U.S.

I recently fell off my parent's health insurance at the age of 23 and was looking into continuing the same coverage. The price quote I got for myself - a healthy, non-smoking young man - was about $3,600 a month. I was quickly realizing that I would have to be incredibly careful with my body. Fortunately, the school I transferred to offered a student health plan for a much more reasonable price. But what happens when I'm not in school, or when I'm in between jobs and waiting for them to offer me health insurance? It's an incredibly scary thought.

Our government needs to take this responsibility and be able to take care of its own citizens. But seeing how so many officials have negatively reacted to the passing of this amazing piece of legislation is obscene.

Governors should be happy that their constituents are going to be getting health covered, not resisting it. The legislation offers tax credits to more than 10,000 Alaska businesses to help them offer coverage to employees, provides access to all currently uninsured Alaskan. It would keep people like me on our parents coverage plans until the age of 26, when we're more likely to be able to establish our own solid foothold in the workforce.

Gov. Parnell should support and encourage our right to a secure form of health care. Don't let this issue get drowned out and defeated before it has even had a chance to succeed. Just remember: Once this new system is up and running, there is always the option to change the things that aren't working. But first we must give it a fighting chance.

Eamon Conheady


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