Capital City Fire and Rescue Volunteer Firefighter of the Month: Panah Mehrabad

Posted: Sunday, May 02, 2010

Credentials: Firefighter 1, EMT 1.

Courtesy Of Beth Weldon
Courtesy Of Beth Weldon

District: Auke Bay.

Employer: State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. He also is a student firefighter.

How long with the fire service:Two years.

Why did you join the fire service?: "I have always been inspired by people who go above and beyond to help others."

Favorite aspect of the fire service: "The opportunity to make someone's worst day slightly better. Driving big red trucks is a bonus."

Reason nominated: "Panah is known to be a responsible, conscientious and compassionate member of our department. One year ago, he moved into our fire station and became lead live-in, a position that required him to supervise three other live-ins ensuring cleaning the station, getting supplies, staffing of duty nights and maintaining the equipment. He has preformed this task admirably. In short, if he sees something that needs to be done or is asked to do something, it gets done."

• Volunteer Firefighter of the Month is provided by Capital City Fire Rescue Division Chief-Volunteers Beth Weldon.

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