Sealaska excuses

Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2001

At last the shareholders of Sealaska Corporation got a look at the extent of the blundering and mismanagement existing in our board of directors. Fortunately, the board now has an opportunity to, for the sake of common decency, do the right thing - resign. Each and every one of you.

Don't embarrass yourselves further by making excuses. Don't soil your family's names any more than you have already. Resign. The damage you have done cannot be corporately forgiven. You have overseen the loss of tens of millions of our money. If you as a board have a shred of decency left, you will stop the clearcutting on your way out the door.

Take your fancy clothes, classy hotel stays, trips you have taken on our nickel, as well as other perks you have received, put them your cherished memory bank, pack up your desk and go home. In memory of our ancestors, you should try to make amends. Take your golden parachutes, generous pensions, bonuses and other monetary benefits that you have received while on the board and return them. I am hopeful that I will be able to forgive you someday.

Paul Bergeron


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