Strengthening the recycling community

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 03, 2005

An average person who does not recycle throws away an average of four pounds of waste each day, and over the course of a year, it adds up to almost a ton of garbage per person. Where does all that garbage go? It can't just disappear. Some of the waste can be incinerated, but the rest of it just piles up in land fills until they're overflowing with trash.

Part of the solution is making recycling a regular part of everyone's lives. Recycling reduces the amount of trash in landfills because it helps conserve natural resources and materials are being processed to be reused. If people don't recycle, they waste valuable resources and it accumulates so much that it overflows landfills.

How can the recycling community be strengthened? A major reason a lot of people in the community do not recycle is that many of them have been raised in a wasteful and consumer society. Most people just haven't been brought up in a lifestyle where they thought about saving resources. Another reason some people don't recycle is that it is difficult to transport recyclables to a recycling center. If the recycling process was simplified, it would make it easier for people to recycle their materials. Another reason that people may not recycle is that they just don't know about it.

If people got the message out about recycling, it might improve the recycling community. People could hold a recycling awareness day, recycling rallies or create newspaper advertisements informing the community about recycling.

Tracy Ralston


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