Planning parenthood is important

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In answer to John P. Monagle's question (in an April 24 letter), "Is this what the parent (sic) of Juneau want for their children," my answer is an unequivocal yes. This is exactly the information to which my daughter should have free access, without interference, fear and judgment.

I want my daughter to make responsible choices about her body. I want my daughter to have unfettered access to the information she needs to make healthy choices about her body. It is her body. If she makes bad choices, she'll have to deal with the consequences. Does this mean that I don't care about the choices she makes? Of course, not; I care deeply about my daughter's emotional and physical well-being. I worked hard to teach my daughter to make the best choices possible in all areas of her life. Now that she's approaching adulthood, I have to have faith and confidence that she'll put those lessons to good use. Had it been my daughter who stopped by the Planned Parenthood table where she could have received balanced information at the health fair, she would have demonstrated the good judgment I taught her.

By the way, stop ignoring the "plan" in Planned Parenthood; planning is about paying attention to the decisions we make and making healthy choices about our bodies. I believe entities like Planned Parenthood and the Juneau Pro Choice Coalition would be more than happy if abortions were no longer necessary, but it's up to us to teach our kids to make responsible choices about birth control before they end up with unwanted pregnancies.

Don't forget: Planned Parenthood isn't just for women. We must teach our sexually active sons to be sexually responsible. If boys are not going to be brave enough to pull out condoms, then girls should. And that's how we teach our kids to avoid the abortion choice.

Robyn Holloway


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