Vegetarian's comments naive, shortsighted

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2007

Holly Adams' April 24 letter, "Stop eating meat for a better Earth," was interesting and made some good points; however, it was a bit shortsighted and naive in my opinion.

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Her belief that not eating meat will make the world a better place seems to be predicated on the idea that all animals live in industrial feed lots. While industrial feed lots are a horrible practice, an ever-increasing amount of the meat consumed in this country does not come from them. Sustainable agriculture is quickly becoming popular as more people become concerned with where their meat comes from.

And what of hunting and fishing? I fail to see how hunting moose and catching salmon for dinner are polluting the Earth. I grew up in Alaska eating moose and salmon, which, according to Adams, would exclude me from being a "true environmentalist." Unless Adams grows all her fruit and vegetables in Juneau, perhaps she should consider what kind of resources it takes for her to eat as a vegetarian and whether she is a "true environmentalist" herself.

David Buhite


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