We can't just drill our problems away

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 03, 2007

Alaska can't keep drilling away its oil problems, which are no longer a concern but a reality. It's not just the leaks or the fuss, but the constant "need" and striving for petroleum.

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President George W. Bush is advocating increasing the energy supply rather than decreasing the demand. While it may be too late to stop gas prices from rising for the summer travel season, Bush is still promoting tapping into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Alaska. Oil is the blood of Alaska, funding the state budget and ensuring dividends for its citizens. With the current price of oil, Alaska's crude in ANWR is like a sitting duck.

Estimates are that oil under the refuge might more or less supply the nation's need for six months. For that, should Americans really be willing to cover one of the last clean, fragile Arctic ecosystems with dozens of filthy oil wells? The most we can accomplish is to postpone the day of reckoning. With each rise in gasoline prices, we should be reminded that our way of life is entirely too reliant on oil. We should resist the impulse to obtain more.

Perhaps we ought to start preparing for the future post-petroleum era, for at this rate oil will not last.

Katie Strehler


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