12 years later, same old uniforms

Posted: Thursday, May 04, 2000

I was just reading through a few old Word of Mouths and I'd like to say something about the school activities budget.

Just this last weekend my sister and parents attended my choir concert for the Southeast Music Festival at the high school. When the curtains opened, my sister was shocked to see that we are wearing the exact same uniforms as when she attended JDHS 12 years ago.

Honestly, I don't think there is anything particularly uniform about them. The only thing uniform are the ties and cummerbunds. The shirts are all different, some even belong to the performer. Last year the Treble Choir raised $900 to pay for new uniforms. But it would be ridiculous to tell Concert Choir, twice as large as Treble Choir, to raise funds for new outfits. Perhaps the music department needs more funding.

Juneau residents are only going to keep handing out money to the schools for so long.

Debrah Clements Juneau

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