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Posted: Thursday, May 04, 2000

I believe the city fathers are wasting our tax dollars on this noise study that could be spent putting a roof on our schools. This noise study is a no-win situation because the city assembly is behind the tourist industry. Let's see if this survey is going to take place on a weekend with four ships in town and a low-level weather ceiling.

Thank you for your insightful and honest editorial pointing out the loss to Juneau if there is a flightseeing ban. We really need the tourism here in Juneau. Without that industry, we'd be lost.

If tourism is the golden goose that provides money and jobs in Juneau - then it is falling down on the job. The more tourism grows, the more our property taxes go up.

I've never been to one of the meetings and voiced my concern about the noise level in Juneau, but the noise does bother me. I don't want to close down the helicopter companies but it would be nice if they were considerate. Tourism is needed and vital to the community but we need to create a balance and be good neighbors. Many more people are concerned with the noise besides the few squeaky wheels that are taking the heat.

Why are the helicopter tour companies exempt from charging a sales tax? Almost every other business in Juneau is required to charge sales tax. How many millions of dollars has Juneau lost? One rule, one tax for everyone.

How can legislators say they have accomplished everything when the governor is calling a special session and they did not deal with the state contract. The money they are saving for not going the full session should be put into the state contracts.

I've been working for the state for almost 15 years and never had the opportunity to take the summer off. If we don't get the funding for our contracts, I can hardly wait to get some free time this summer and go fishing.

The stench from the Mendenhall Waste Water Treatment Plant is beyond belief. It is amazing that the powers that be are considering bringing in 32,000 more gallons of sewage into the plant. They can't properly take care of what they have.

I don't understand why people think their cats need to go outside. They are indoor animals. All cats do is rip up gardens, walk on people's vehicles and spray on boats. If you want to keep your cats alive, keep them inside.

I was really happy to see the flamingoes back at Auke Bay. Thanks to the people who bring them back every year.

I just want to comment about the Letter to the Editor about tipping, I'm a server at one of the finest restaurants in town and we get tipped rather well. If you're worried about the 8 percent, you might not be giving the right service. Good luck to all the servers out there.

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