Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, May 04, 2003

Bills introduced last week:

• Doctor requirement: HB 292 would require doctors to provide certain information to women before administering an abortion.

• Statewide sales tax: HB 293 would institute a 3 percent statewide sales tax.

• Killing an unborn child: HB 294 would make it a crime to kill an unborn child.

Bills voted on last week:

• Budget bills (passed Senate): HB 75 and HB 76 make appropriations to the operating budget and mental health budget, respectively.

Vote - Yeas: 12; Nays: 7

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Nay

• Vehicle registration tax (passed House): HB 170 increases the fees for vehicle registration.

Vote - Yeas: 23; Nays: 17

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Nay

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Yea

• Resource development (passed Senate): SB 142 would make the Department of Natural Resources the lead agency for resource development projects.

Vote - Yeas: 18; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• Child Pornography (passed Senate): HB 52 relates to forfeiture of property used to possess or distribute child pornography.

Vote - Yeas: 19; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• Court-ordered restitution (passed Senate): HB 23 would allow court-ordered restitution for nonprofit organizations following a criminal conviction.

Vote - Yeas: 18; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• Fatal accident (passed Senate): SB 53 would allow a judge to revoke a driver's license for causing a fatal automobile accident.

Vote - Yeas: 19; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

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