If you ban guns, what's next? Knives?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 04, 2007

Why is it that any time there is news about a shooting, there always has to be a call to ban guns? It isn't the gun that kills people; it is the lunatic pulling the trigger. Perhaps instead of trying to ban all guns, we should address the issues that foster these deviates from society.

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Admittedly, it is easier to pull a trigger than to build an explosive or to use a sword, but people are killed all over the world, even in countries that ban guns. If you want to kill someone with a gun or kitchen spoon, you will find a way.

What happens after you ban all guns? You'll never get all of them, and for that matter, a lot of people can build one from scratch. But supposing you do get all of them, what's next? Ban all bows and arrows? Then knives? Get real. Should we outlaw cars? They kill more people than anything.

Instead of banning guns, give everyone a firearm and teach them how to use it. When I was in Honduras on vacation, I noticed that nearly everyone had a gun tucked in their waistband, and there wasn't a lot of crime. You'll think twice about robbing a bank if you know that most everyone in line has a gun too. If there is no chance to get shot, then it is easier to bully someone. Let's quit making it easy for people to victimize us.

In her April 25 letter to the editor, Linda Cohen calls for "outlawing any weapon specifically designed for the sole purpose of killing another human being." No more guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows. The list would be staggering.

Plus, it is the same maligned gun that the police bring to rescue people in danger, that the military is using to spread democracy, and that many of us use to put food on our tables and to protect us from local dangers such as bears.

I encourage anyone wanting to ban guns to fill their pack with nice smelly food and go for a long hike in the woods to see if they wish they had a gun. Call it natural selection. We'll miss you - maybe.

Allen Butner


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