AEL&P's owners should chip in

Posted: Sunday, May 04, 2008

According to the state of Alaska Corporation, Business and Professional Licensing, Alaska Electric Light & Power does business under the name of Alaska Energy and Resource Company. The stockholders are William A. Corbus, who has 47 percent; Stanford University, which has 11 percent; Leland Stanford University, which has 11 percent; National Financial Service, which has six percent; G. Barkley Corbus, of Colorado, who has nine percent; and Clay Corbus, of San Francisco, who has five percent. Anyone who has less than five percent of the stock was not listed.

National Financial Service is a brokerage outfit, and everyone generally knows what Stanford University is. It seems to me that since these people with "deep pockets," who have been taking money out of the community for years, should join the Corbus family and give some back to the community and pay the bulk of the money that repairing the avalanche damage will cost.

"We're going to have a kind of dismal financial year," said Gayle Wood, AEL&P director of consumer affairs.

Wood's statement is an insult to those who are going to perhaps lose their homes or businesses due to the high cost of electric bills. And anyone who has lived in Juneau for more than a month knows it will be a lot longer than three months before things are fixed.

I bet you don't see pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Corbus hanging up their laundry.

Mignon Diane Lauber


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