Parnell chose 'liberty' over well-being of Alaskans

Posted: Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gov. Sean Parnell is an honorable man, but when he directed his attorney general to file a legal challenge against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he chose to disregard the well-being of thousands of Alaskans.

The health care reform bill provides access to health insurance coverage for 120,000 uninsured Alaskans, protects 183,000 Alaskan children with pre-existing conditions from being denied medical insurance, and allows 76,000 young adults to remain on their parents health insurance until these young adults reach the age of 26. This legislation also provides tax credits to more than 10,000 Alaskan small businesses to help them provide health insurance coverage to their employees.

Why would the governor oppose legislation that benefits so many Alaskans? He said that he considered it a choice between liberty and health care, and he had to take the side of liberty. His is a poor choice.

What liberty is he protecting? The liberty to go without health care? This is a liberty that immediately becomes meaningless at the onset of illness or an accident.

I hope the governor will reconsider his decision to fly off into the clouds and oppose health care reform based on some concocted notion of personal liberty, and instead pays attention to the real world needs of Alaska's citizens.

Geron Bruce


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