Counting up all of the blessings of life

Posted: Friday, May 05, 2000

Forty things to be grateful for:

1. The song of a robin on a spring day. 2. Little League Opening Day Ceremonies that are not in a driving rain. 3. The ability to think clearly. 4. Pictures of loved ones that you thought you had lost. 5. A bank error in your favor.

6. Dirty dishes - they tell the story of meals eaten. 7. Something not turning out as pain as you had imagined. 8. Sobriety. 9. A comfortable pair of shoes. 10. Finding someone who will actually listen.

11. Purring cats. 12. Words of mercy. 13. Someone who thanks you for a kindness done. 14. Medication that works. 15. Side effects that go away. 16. Good test results. 17. Penicillin. 18. Hope. 19. Joy. 20. Love. 21. Faith. 22 Warmth. 23. Deep sleep.

24. Waking up before the alarm. 25. Prayer. 26. Graduation. 27. Research papers that get finished on time. 28. Making it to the gas station before you run out of gas. 29. Seeing a friend you haven't seen for a long time. 30. A marriage that gets better year after year.

31. Kids who learn lessons. 32. Adults who are able to be childlike. 33. The laugh of children. 34. Watching a little one learn to ride a bike.

35. The first salmon of the year. 36. A favorite trail. 37. Calm seas. 38. Disasters avoided. 39. Shoulders that help bear our burdens. 40. A gracious God.

Larry Olson is the pastor at Eagle Wings Community Church.

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