We can vote you in, and vote you out too

Posted: Friday, May 05, 2000

This is in regards to our legislators and their stand on wolf control. I find it appalling that our state government finds it necessary to take away the rights of the citizens of this great state. Rights that were given to us in our country's constitution.

I am referring to our right to vote on what happens to us and our environment. It is bad enough the people we have voted for are insulting the Native people of our great country, by allowing wolves, a symbol that Native Americans hold sacred, to be killed needlessly. But, they are also infringing upon our individual right of free speech - by saying that we no longer have the right to vote on wild life incentives.

I am saddened by our elected officials for this type of behavior. We voted you into office, and we can just as easily vote you out. If you continue to think that you as legislators have the right to vote and pass bills that are contrary to the voice of the people - you will be out of office.

Wolf control could easily be accomplished by simply banning all sport hunting of moose and caribou. This would allow the Native villagers to have their rights of subsistence, and also allow the growth of the herds that are being killed needlessly by the white man's infringement on land that cannot sustain this type of abuse.

Bill BurkJuneau

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