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Posted: Friday, May 05, 2000

About four score and seven years ago, Shell Simmons, and others, created Juneau's current lifeblood - aircraft. With that came sound from the air. If you want the peace and quiet of the wilderness, you don't have to move very far away. Let the rest of us stay here in peace and enjoy the sound of summer.

I want to thank the Empire for its editorial about tourism. It's nice to read something about tourism that is positive. Keep up the good work. (Three other callers expressed similar views)

Flightseeing tours do not pay sales tax because they are classified as transportation - which they are not. People are taken and brought back to the same place. This interpretation of transportation is too loose. Do walking and driving tours pay sales tax? Does the tram?

I found Chris Garrison's advertisement insensitive, degrading and bigoted. I hope this does not reflect most of the supporters of tourism. If so, count me out.

I read the editorial about flightseeing and saw Garrison's advertisement, they were both right on.

Tom Garrett's comments in the Empire about the heliport and the noise ring hollow. He's so closely tied with the tourism industry.

Is this what Mayor Egan calls fiscal responsibility and accountability? Using taxpayers money for the transportation of former police chiefs for an opening of a building? Where does the buck stop, Mr. Egan?

I want to thank the Juneau police for getting rid of the drunks in the Elks Club parking lot.

If Juneau is so worried about property taxes, maybe we should consider the capital move again. That should take care of the property tax increase.

Since Kim Elton didn't get the funding for the new high school from the Legislature, I wonder what our assembly is going to come up with. Maybe our schools can use some room at the new Taj Mahal in Lemon Creek. At least the taxpayers would get some value from the construction dollars.

I hope the Legislature does not think we're stupid enough to believe their press releases.

Fish and game is back again with their regulation that you can't remove the head and tail of salmon until you return to Juneau. This is an example of bureaucrats exercising their power and control without considering if the regulation is logical or creates an inconvenience for the public. If they want to look for tagged fish, the regulation should be limited to the salmon that have had their fin removed.

I see where the cat hater is going with the bigoted idiocy. What's next? Why should kids go outside? They are indoor mammals. All kids do is make noise, make a mess and jump out in front of us. Are you going to start threatening children?

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