Yakutat is way more than secure

Posted: Monday, May 05, 2003

I was pleased to hear on Anchorage TV news that Yakutat, with maybe 650 in-town residents, will have 16 TSA security folks assigned to its airport. That means the feds are willing to spend more than a million bucks a year to keep moose antlers, dynamite underwear and assault steelhead rods from slipping into the cabins of the two Alaska Air flights that pass through Yakutat most days.

This is heartening news for us security-conscious travelers. If the TSA folks are diligent, not a single terrorist from Yakutat will commandeer a flight and drive it into the side of Mt. St. Elias. That, of course, would ruin the view for thousands of cruise industry customers who, ultimately, support the re-election campaigns of many of the fine politicians the country sends to Washington. The threat is clear.

Of course, if the feds dropped only half a million additional bucks a year on Yakutat's Borough government or schools, Yakutat would produce a lot fewer flying terrorists than it does now. I'd be willing to bet that Yakutat would produce no flying terrorists at all, which means that we could dispense with the expensive airport obstacle course and spend the savings on something really worthwhile, like half a cruise missile.

Paul Wescott


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