Simpson shouldn't blame Empire, Democrats

Posted: Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I was astounded this past week when Paulette Simpson blamed the Juneau Empire, Juneau's Democratic Legislators and the Democratic Party for questioning her poor judgment to get the Voice of the Times to editorialize against then-candidate Bruce Botelho's proposal to build a new capitol building in Juneau. As a long-time member of the Alaska Committee and as a resident of Juneau, she should have shown way better judgment than to ask the chairman of the Republican Party, Randy Ruedrich, "please call and beg" the Voice of the Times to attack mayoral candidate Botelho's proposal. This was her second e-mail within a 34-day period to Ruedrich on the subject and was dated September 30, 2003 just days before the municipal election. She is culpable of trying to get Juneau's No.1 newspaper editorial foe, the Anchorage Times, to influence the outcome of a Juneau election in favor of her candidate by stirring up pro-capital move sentiment in the Mat-Su.

In Paulette's recent "My Turn" column, she never mentions the pro-capital move content of her two e-mails. If she was just a garden variety type Juneau Republican, I don't think her e-mail indiscretions would have caused any serious commotion, but Simpson is a member of the Alaska Committee and vice-chair of the Republican Party. She is well aware of the danger of toying with a pro-capital move viper such as the Voice of the Times.

Paulette should admit to her poor judgment on this matter to the people of Juneau and bring this controversy to an end in Juneau's best interest.

Rich Listowski


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