Heavy equipment vies with hooligan at Berners Bay

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 05, 2005

If you're in Berners Bay this week, you might witness hundreds of sea lions, seals, and whales, and thousands of birds amassing to feed on the hooligan, which are now surging up the Gilkey, Antler, Berners, and Lace rivers to spawn.

What a spectacular sight and what a privilege to see it. You might also witness chainsaws, D-9 Cats, and blasting equipment as construction of the Cascade Point road began on May 2.

For those of you who have not been following this story, the state Department of Transportation gave $1 million of general fund money (that's the state money that can be used to fund just about any number of our needs, including education) so that the Goldbelt Corp. could build a 3-mile road to access the proposed site for the Kensington mine dock. And by the way, no one has said if this road is even going to be open to the public.

But apparently a million-dollar hand-out for the mining industry isn't quite enough. Now Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch wants to speed along another $10 million to build a road right to the mine's doorstep using a Garvee bond.

In past years, the Legislature poo-pooed this controversial funding source because it literally takes from the future to spend today. Kind of like breaking open your kid's piggy bank to finance your new car.

But who cares about the future, right? And forget the fact that Juneau voted against the road. Never mind the staunch opposition from Haines and Skagway. We're going to build it. Now.

I wish the state would pay to pave the dirt road that goes to where I work, too.

Barbara Kelly


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