Disaster caused by neglect, not nature

Posted: Monday, May 05, 2008

Has Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. ever thought about doing "controlled avalanches" to keep disasters from happening? Knowing the area is prone to mud slides and avalanches, it would only be responsible business management to monitor the area for these problems and act accordingly.

This disaster was the cause of neglect on the part of AEL&P and nobody else.

AEL&P is a privately owned company and has enjoyed the profits of a monopoly for many years.

Our rates have been increasing each year with the reason being that they need to upgrade their systems to offer us better service. I want a refund for all those years they've upped my bills because I have yet to see what upgrades they have done (except of course their fancy new building and that fleet of vehicles they have) and as for service, well, that will go over the amount of words I'm permitted to write.

I don't understand why these power lines are not buried underground or under water. All they are doing is putting a Band-Aid on the problem, but as long as they can have their customers pay for their repairs, what do they care?

Do you think for one minute that if I had a small business and half of it burned down, that I could or would make my customers pay for the repairs? Of course not, so why is AEL&P the exception here? Who do they know, whose pockets are they lining?

It's great that some folks will get assistance with paying their electric bills, but what about those that won't meet the income level requirements? What about small businesses that are already struggling to survive in this town?

This damage was caused by neglect and poor business management, not nature, because if they had been responsible owners, they would have taken precautionary measures and avoided this from happening.

AEL&P is not required to share their wealth with our community. Why is the community required to pay for their mistake?

It's your business, you pay for the screw-up.

More mud slides and avalanches will be coming, what are you going to do? Bury those lines.

Thea L. Nelson


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