AEL&P cables should go underground

Posted: Monday, May 05, 2008

Thumbs up to our local merchant, Superbear, who is noticeably reducing its light consumption.

The "other guy" down the street has so many lights burning that it is very obvious that this national chain will receive a big electric bill, increase the prices for the food (the salad bar went up per pound), and think that they've fooled the "locals."

I have stood on the Eastern British beach to the English Channel, and you can see the shore of France. If there can be a tunnel under the ocean, I've got to believe it would be so much easier to bury our electrical cable under the ground.

Besides, the best bulldozer just cleaned the path with one big avalanche. How hard can it be? Ask any Tour de France biker what it was like to ride under the sea. Simply amazing.

As a customer of Alaska Electric Light & Power Co., if I'm going to be asked to pay for this repair, I deserve a say in how the repair will be done. Anyone gone through the tunnel between New Jersey and New York? Another, uh, duh.

I have lived in Juneau for 33 years, so I have one more question: Do we really believe that the more than one million tourists who will be coming to our beautiful city this season will be willing to sit in a cold hotel room with only candles burning for power? Are they paying for our future repairs at the avalanche site? Besides, how many of the "local hotels" are really "locally owned hotels?"

Barbara Duncan


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