Ice jam causes floods in Eagle

Posted: Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cabins in the old village section of Eagle were bobbling like apples in the current, residents told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

And two miles away, villagers in the main part of Eagle were worried that chunks of ice 5-feet thick could destroy buildings. Water had breached a retaining wall and was inundating some buildings, including the town's trading post.

"It's flowing down the street and around buildings," John Borg, a longtime Eagle resident and observer for the National Weather Service, told the News-Miner. "So far the ice has not encroached the road to push on any buildings yet."

"Its knee deep in the Trading Post," Borg said of the water. "They're hauling groceries out the back door to take to the school.

The old village of Eagle, which is home to about 15 people, was evacuated early Monday.

Eagle resident Ron Mcelfresh toured the old village site in a canoe. He said water was up the roofs of the old log cabins in the village while newer, frame cabins had floated off their foundations.

"Some have floated 30 and 50 feet into the brush," he said. "They're bobbing up and down in the water. Electric lines are the only thing keeping them from floating downstream."

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