RCA comments available on rate increase

Posted: Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska will accept comments about AEL&P's proposed 22 percent rate increase beginning today.

The commission's website is www.rca.alaska.gov.

Salazar said to look at the home page's top right-hand corner where it says "View Public Notices & Submit Comments" to make comments.

AEL&P is seeking both an interim rate increase of 18.5 percent, and an eventual permanent rate increase of 22.1 percent.

The interim rate increase can be granted in 45 days, which includes a 30 day public comment period, Salazar said. The commission under statute has 15 months to make a decision on the permanent rate increase. If the permanent increase is less than the interim, refunds will be made, she said.

AEL&P's request is labeled TA-381-1, and citing that number can help ensure the comments are made part of the file reviewed by the commission.

Public hearings on rate increases are not always held, and Salazar said that residents hoping for a commission hearing in Juneau should specify that in their comments.

"I don't know if the commission will have a consumer input hearing, from time to time they do have one," she said.

Customers can also find more information on AEL&P's website at www.aelp.com.

The utility will also post answers to questions submitted from the community through service@aelp.com.

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