Wolf harvest is already high

Posted: Tuesday, May 06, 2003

According to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Alaska harvest summary records, the number of wolves being killed in our state has increased over the past 25 years by more than 150 percent and now averages close to 1,600 animals per year. This is a direct result of improved hunting equipment, snowmachines and private bounties.

Collectively, all have contributed to more wolves being killed than ever before. Given the level of increased harvest already, how can we possibly justify increasing the kill even more, by bringing back same-day airborne public shooting of wolves? That is just what is happening now under SB 155 and HB 208. These pieces of legislation allow the public to kill an unnecessary amount of wolves in a non-sportsmanlike manner. They are flying through the Legislature despite the public opposition expressed in two initiatives over the past eight years.

The days of the legislative season are closing in quickly and bills are speeding through. Write your legislators today and tell them to oppose SB 155 and HB 208, the unwarranted predator control of wolves.

Colleen Norman


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