Analyze costs, benefits of mining ordinance

Posted: Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The advantages and disadvantages of the proposed mining ordinance change have been under consideration for some time. To date, I have not seen or read any economic analysis of the cost/benefit factors. Specific factors that are pertinent include:


1. How much would the cost savings have been over the past (10?) years if the proposed mining ordinance had been in effect?

2. How much are the projected cost savings expected to be over the future (10?) years if the mining ordinance is revised as proposed?


1. What are the projected costs to CBJ if the mining ordinance is not effective in providing environmental protection for our area?

Any future analysis is uncertain but prudent stewardship requires that the Assembly consider the potential costs and benefits of such a revision. I listed the benefits first because they seem easier to quantify.

Sara H. "Sally" Willson

Auke Bay

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