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Posted: Friday, May 06, 2005

... from Juneau Soccer Club

The Juneau Soccer Club would like to thank Fred Tallmadge and the Valley Domino's Pizza for treating all participants of the 17th Annual Juneau-Whitehorse Exchange indoor soccer tournament to pizza while they watched some exciting soccer on the final day of the recent tournament. Thanks also to everyone who helped and participated in the international soccer competition. This year 80 players, coaches and parents came to Juneau from Whitehorse for 34 exciting indoor games between the fifth and ninth grade girls. Approximately the same number of sixth to eighth grade boys, coaches, and parents traveled from Juneau to Whitehorse for the Yukon side of the exchange. Each year the boys and girls alternate cities for the soccer competition. Thank you to everyone who made the 17th Annual Juneau-Whitehorse Exchange a success.

Kurt West

Juneau Soccer Club

... for donating cell phones

Thank you to all who have donated phones for the Cell Phones for Seniors project. CBJ continues to re-program donated cell phones to enable a senior to dial 911 by pressing down the number 9 in an emergency. Southeast Senior Services has distributed 32 phones and is in the process of distributing 17 more. This program is ongoing so if you have a phone and a charger to donate, or know a senior who could use a free cell phone for emergency use only, call the Senior Information and Caregiver Resource Center at 463-6177.

Julie DeLong

Southeast Senior Services

... for being there

The daughters, Lillian A. Arnette, Linda S. Morris, Janice L. Roberts-Kahklen, Suzanne M. Christiansen, Karen E. Dillon and Dani T. Soosuk, would like to thank everyone who was there for our mother, Priscilla. Thanks to the ambulance crew, the doctors and the staff at the emergency room and in the intensive care unit.

Thank you Tina M. Decker, granddaughter and her daughter, Christina Decker, for helping take care of their grandmother, Priscilla, staying the nights with her and taking very good care of her.

Thank you to the staff of Bartlett after Priscilla was moved to a regular private room; the staff at Tlingit and Haida that worked with us, especially Trudy Skan; the staff at Sealaska Corporation; to all our mother's friends for your beautiful prayers for Priscilla, and being there for her; to Andrea Laiti, at the SEARHC Clinic; and to all of those at the airport, for the airlines that were there for our families, so they could go back home after our great loss.

If there was anyone we missed, we appreciate everyone that helped. God bless all of you.

Family of Priscilla Kahklen


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