There's better solution to problem than the grocery bag tax

Posted: Sunday, May 06, 2007

The proposed grocery bag tax is nothing more then another way to get into everyone's wallet. The money collected will not go to cleaning up the problem. It will end up in the general fund just like all the other so-called special taxes. If you want to clean up the problem and promote recycling, charge a deposit on the bags.

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When the consumer takes his bags to the recycle center, they are counted and the consumer gets a credit for the ones he or she has turned in. Then the credit can be redeemed by the city from the deposits paid. This will not cost any more to operate than a new bureaucracy to collect a tax.

Plus, those bags sitting in trees and blowing across the ground will be worth something, so people will start collecting them instead of complaining about them. This also could be a new outlet for charitable groups who could hold bag-collecting drives.

There are other solutions to problems without throwing a tax penalty at them.

Garry Young


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