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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

Legal stereotypes

In Juneau, attorneys celebrated Law Day last week by putting Goldilocks on trial. But in Fairbanks, some lawyers took a more athletic approach -- they chased an ambulance in a 10-kilometer race. The winner, by the way, was a high school coach, not a member of the bar.

Powerful abbreviation

Rep. Ramona Barnes chairs the House World Trade and State and Federal Relations Committee, one of the longer Capitol panel titles. So it was no surprise last week when another lawmaker garbled Barnes' label and named her ``Chairman of the World.''

And speaking of names ...

Sen. Jerry Mackie cooked up a plan to hand out $25,000 to each Alaskan and got his name attached to it. Now, we've discovered, his moniker is also stuck to an in-the-kitchen cooking plan. Take Welsh rarebit (fancy cheese toast using hearty wheat bread), add fried bacon and do it on white bread. According to ``Joy of Cooking,'' that's a ``Mackie.'' So he does bring home the bacon.

Free publicity

Visitors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California are presented with information on marine fisheries and their impacts on some species. But a ``Seafood Watch'' brochure singles out a few types of fish considered good to eat from an environmental approach. Among those on the ``Best Choices'' list: wild Alaska salmon.

What a comparison

Last month, a teen-ager from Nome got a compliment few could top. Loki Tobin, a U.S. Senate page brought to Washington by Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski, was introduced to Virginia Sen. John Warner, ex-husband of you-know-who. His comment: ``Your eyes look just like Elizabeth Taylor's.'' Tobin's response? What else? She giggled.

A sweet idea

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum had a fund-raiser recently we wish we could have gone to. A millennium desert affair, it was titled ``2000 Megabytes of Chocolate.'' And it could have been followed by the coco-hangover event, ``200 Slugs of Maalox.''

Boy, that bugged them

The ``Love Bug'' that spread across the Internet last week forced some companies back to the not-so-good ol' days of writing by hand and talking to people on telephones. ``We had to resort to digging out the floppy disks and using pencil and paper,'' complained one insurance-company spokesman.

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